Oh, what an amazing summer 2006

And now it's all over   But it'll be forever in my heart...

To give you a short overwiev about the destinations I've been to, here a "short" list:

Manchester - Soccer Aid (May)

Paris - RW-Concert & Sightseeing (June)

London - for my Mom's Birthday (June)

Hamburg - RW-Concert & Sightseeing (July)

Berlin - RW-Concert & visiting some friends for a barbeque-party ;-) & forum-meeting (July)

Munich - just for party (August)

Frankfurt - just for party & and a little bit of business (greets to julie ;-) )(August)

Vienna - RW-Concert & visting some friends (August)      

London / Milton Keynes - RW-Concert & some sightseeing and shopping (September)


I'll try to write few lines about every one of these trips and you'll find also some pictures in My Gallery... So take a look at it every now and then...

A special thx also to all of you mates, who made this summer so special for me! And last but not least a special thx to Robbie Williams and his lovely band-members...

23.9.06 14:28

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