Let's have a party... & Family-Search

Yeah! After booking my flight last week, I told a few friends of mine that I'll spend NYE in London and guess what ?!

Yeah, they booked the same flight and now we'll be 8 - 10 people there... How great is this?

So, let's the party startin' !!!

Ok, but now another thing / problem... Does anybody of you know, how to find a person in the United States just by name (maybe just the birth name, I don't know) and a few other details of their childhood? I'm searchin for my grand-cousin. We lost the contact since my grand-uncle died a few years ago, but I wanna find her again. Can you help me?

Now it's time for me to go to bed... It's already 2:30 am



24.11.06 02:33

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